Welcome to the Classic World of Darkness.

It is a world on the brink of chaos. Vampires, Faeries, Ghosts and worse lurk in the shadows of the cities. Demons have broken free of hell and walk the earth in human hosts. Mortal Hunters have risen against all of them. It is a place ever one step removed from disaster.

In the time since the Reckoning things have gotten stranger. Recently the werewolves have vanished into the umbra on a mysterious errand. The magi have discovered that the Werewolves holy places, sacred cairns of enormous power, are undefended; kicking off horrible battle between all factions that will be called the Node Wars. This conflagration is engulfing the Enlightened as they seek the mystic power of the greatest Nodes on earth.

Standing apart and perhaps against this madness are the Keysphere Magi. Chosen by a powerful Umbral force to each wield one of their spheres of magic without fear of Paradoxical retribution. They have been turned loose much as the Hunters with no explanation or orders concerning their new power.

Perhaps the fate of the world lies in their hands. Or perhaps its doom.

The choice is theirs.


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