Cult of the Rabbit-Hole

Cult of the rabbit hole
A collective of VAs who seek to explore the connections between digital, spiritual and physical reality. Made mainly of Nexplorors and Reality Hackers. New members and non awakened are universally called white rabbits. The leader is known as Black Rabbit. Colors between are chosen by numerological methods. Factions are split by area of influence; Dead Rabbits explore ghosts, vampires zombies and the shadowlands. Briar Rabbits study the physical world and its wonders. The Blind Rabbits study the Umbra and astral reaches while the Jack Rabbits explore the net

Linguistic samples

Derp. A profoundly stupid comment or action. Senseless and mindless. See Narf.
o/~ everybody derps, sometimes o/~
“go my son and derp no more”

Grok. To understand something absolutely. Coined by Robert A Hienlien.

End user: unawakened sleepers

Kibo: 1:acronym for Knowledge In, Bullshit Out. 2: A title used to address old school Adepts. 3: Name of a famous adept rumored to have achieved godhood within the Web. Legend states he was aware of every speaking and typing of his name and would occasionally drop in to see who was using it.

Cult of the Rabbit-Hole

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