The Umbra

Sitting right beside you is a world of spirit and imagination that you do not perceive. The awakened can, and they travel there with care these days. In 1999AD a disaster called the Avatar Storm tore through all layers of the umbra, trapping magi in deep realms with no way to come home before becoming spirit themselves. things are quieter now, and the awakened begin to venture back across the looking glass, seeking aid and answers to their problems in the material world.

There are three known layers of the Umbra:

The Astral Plane is a place of human thought and imagination. Most magi who speak of the umbra speak of this place. beyond the penumbra lie rivers of language and cities of concept. above sit the Epiphanies. the greatest of human ideals and ideas.

The Spirit Wilds is also known as the middle umbra. It is a place of processes and functions, reflection the workings of reality and harsh truths associated with it. powerful totems spirits dwell here, and for ages shamans have come looking for their aid. it is also the natural domain of the Garou- powerful shape-changing werewolves who tend to kill humans on sight in this sacred place.

the Shadowlands are the realm of the dead. the memory of the world drains through this place, sustaining ghosts and their domains within. deeper still sits the underworld, and below that the Labyrinth; a horrible place chewed out of raw nothing when entropy first entered the world. insane ghosts are the least of the horrors within this place. it is said at the heart of the Labyrinth is Oblivion. a hungry and growing force that will one day consume the whole of reality.

there are other realms, carved out by gods, spirits, and magi alike, but those places are secret, and lost to the world at present.

The Umbra

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